Stun Gun Thunder

Stun Gun Thunder

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  • Matchbox Thunderbirds Pilot Gordon Tracy With Stun Gun 1994 (Thunder Stun Gun) BUY NOW

    Matchbox Thunderbirds Pilot Gordon Tracy With Stun Gun

    This is a collectable thunderbird pilote posable figure Gordon Tracy.

  • Brand: Matchbox
  • ASIN: B004OKALX8
  • UPC: 035995417724
  • Thunderbirds The Hood Figure, Multicolored (Gun Thunder Stun) BUY NOW

    Thunderbirds The Hood Figure,

    The Hood is devious and always plotting to steal and exploit cutting edge technology, including the Thunderbirds vehicles! As a master of disguise, The Hood is able to maintain several alternative identities and possesses secrets unknown to the Tracy Brothers. This articulated 9.5cm figure comes with a seaquake device and stun gadget to help him with his devious plots. For ages 3+.

  • Color: Multicolored
  • Brand: Thunderbirds
  • UPC: 885546902885
  • Gerry Anderson Thunderbirds 12 BUY NOW

    Gerry Anderson Thunderbirds 12" Scott Tracy Talking Action Figure

    Scott Tracy is the eldest of the Tracy boys and is the pilot of Thunderbird 1. He served in the U.S. Air Force before joining International Rescur. Scott is always first to arrive at the danger zone where he quickly assesses the situation and decides what equipment will be needed and how the rescue is to proceed. Scott comes complete with thunder Stun Gun, Communicator and Pistol. Figure talks, Says 5 Phrases; "Stand by Virgil", "FAB", "Mobile Control to Thunderbird 2", "Thunderbird 1 to base", "Every second counts!".

  • Brand: Thunderbirds
  • ASIN: B0028WVUO8

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