Pearl Classic Series

Pearl Classic Series

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  • The Good Earth (Oprah's Book Club) (Series Pearl Classic) BUY NOW

    The Good Earth (Oprah's Book

    Nobel Laureate Pearl S. Buck’s epic Pulitzer Prize-winning novel and Oprah Book Club selection about a vanished China and one family’s shifting fortunes.Though more than seventy years have passed since this remarkable novel won the Pulitzer Prize, it has retained its popularity and become one of the great modern classics. In The Good Earth Pearl S. Buck paints an indelible portrait of China in the 1920s, when the last emperor reigned and the vast political and social upheavals of the twentieth century were but distant rumblings. This moving, classic story of the honest farmer Wang Lung and his selfless wife O-Lan is must reading for those who would fully appreciate the sweeping changes that have occurred in the lives of the Chinese people during the last century. Nobel Prize winner Pearl S. Buck traces the whole cycle of life: its terrors, its passions, its ambitions and rewards. Her brilliant novel—beloved by millions of readers—is a universal tale of an ordinary family caught in the tide of history.

  • Brand: Washington Square Press
  • ASIN: 0743272935
  • Disney's Aladdin (Disney Classic Series) (Pearl Classic Series) BUY NOW

    Disney's Aladdin (Disney Classic

    Full-color throughout.

  • ASIN: 0453030580
  • Basic Black With Pearls (New York Review Books Classics) (Pearl Classic Series) BUY NOW

    Basic Black With Pearls (New York Review Books

    A brilliant, lost feminist classic that is equal parts domestic drama and international intrigue.Shirley and Coenraad’s affair has been going on for decades, but her longing for him is as desperate as ever. She is a Toronto housewife; he works for an international organization known only as the Agency. Their rendezvous take place in Tangier, in Hong Kong, in Rome and are arranged by an intricate code based on notes slipped into issues of National Geographic. He recognizes her by her costume: a respectable black dress and string of pearls; his appearance, however, is changeable. But something has happened, the code has been discovered, and Coenraad sends Shirley (who prefers to be known as “Lola Montez”) to Toronto, the last place she wants to go. There the trail leads her through the sites of her impoverished immigrant childhood and sends her, finally, to her own house, where she discards her pearls and trades in her basic black for a dress of vibrant multicolored silk.Helen Weinzweig published her first novel when she was fifty-eight. Basic Black with Pearls, her second, won the Toronto Book Award and has since come to be recognized as a feminist landmark. Here Weinzweig imbues the formal inventiveness of the nouveau roman with psychological poignancy and surprising humor ...

  • ASIN: 1681372169
  • The Pearl (Penguin Twentieth-Century Classics) (Series Classic Pearl) BUY NOW

    The Pearl (Penguin Twentieth-Century

    First published in 1947, John Steinbeck's parable is a literary jewel.

  • ASIN: 1435292308
  • The Promise (Oriental Novels of Pearl S. Buck Series) (Pearl Series Classic) BUY NOW

    The Promise (Oriental Novels of Pearl S. Buck

    In another triumphant cultural and historical novel from Pearl S. Buck, The Promise chronicles a band of Chinese soldiers who are sent to rescue a British-American platoon, pinned down in Burma, while the Japanese army attacks Burma Road during World War II. The dangers that await the brave soldiers are heightened, as they encounter unthankfulness and ingratitude from the foreign soldiers that they hadn't expected.   Confronted with an impending attack from the Japanese, growing tension from the Anglo-American forces, the Chinese soldiers must make a difficult choice: abandon their posts or continue on with a suicidal mission.

  • Brand: Buck, Pearl S.
  • ASIN: 1559212098
  • Brownie & Pearl Step Out (Pearl Series Classic) BUY NOW

    Brownie & Pearl Step Out

    Brownie feels shy about going to a birthday party in this charming Pre-Level 1 Ready-to-Read story, so her cat Pearl is brave for both of them!Brownie and Pearl are heading out on the town for a birthday party. There will be friends and presents and games and treats—it’s going to be so much fun! But when they arrive, Brownie feels shy about ringing the doorbell. Will Pearl be able to revive her stepping-out spirit? This delightfully adorable story, originally published as a picture book, is now a Pre-Level 1 Ready-to-Read that’s perfect for reading aloud with emerging readers.

  • ASIN: 1481403133
  • Old Demon (Creative Classic Series) (Pearl Classic Series) BUY NOW

    Old Demon (Creative Classic

    A stubborn old Chinese woman finds that her perpetual foe, the river, can be an ally when her village is invaded by enemy troops.

  • Brand: Brand: Creative Co (Sd)
  • ASIN: 0871918285
  • The Size of a Mustard Seed: Covered Pearls Series Book 1 (Series Classic Pearl) BUY NOW

    The Size of a Mustard Seed: Covered Pearls Series Book

    It's a new era of fiction; Urban Islamic Fiction that is! Stepping up out into the spotlight is Jameelah Salih. Jameelah is a 27-year-old Muslim woman born to what appears to be one of the inner-city's stronger blended American Muslim families. She works as a hair stylist with her two best friends in the city's only Muslim women's owned and operated hair salon, Covered Pearls. On appearance and material possessions alone Jameelah seems to be doing big things; she has a loving family, owns a fly car, she has her own apartment and she's not too far off from getting her second degree. What most don't know is that she is one traffic jam away from losing control of her life. Being a single Muslim woman isn't easy plus post 9/11 stresses still seem to haunt her. Jameelah prays for a change, but what will she do if change actually comes? When a prominent Imam proposes marriage to Jameelah she feels as if it's the blessing that she has been waiting for from Allah. She knows marrying him will change her life, but when an unexpected family crisis erupts and secrets are exposed, Jameelah is forced to make hard choices and put her complete faith in the only One unable to break it.

  • ASIN: 1935437771
  • Ivory Pearl (New York Review Books Classics) (Classic Series Pearl) BUY NOW

    Ivory Pearl (New York Review Books

    Set in Cuba's Sierra Maestra in the 1950s, in the days leading up to the Revolution--Manchette's unfinished masterpiece with a fearless female protagonist.Out of the wreckage of World War II swaggers Ivory Pearl, so named (rhymes with girl) by some British soldiers who made her their mascot, a mere kid, orphaned, survivor of God knows what, but fluent in French, English, smoking, and drinking. In Berlin, Ivy meets Samuel Farakhan, a rich closeted intelligence officer. Farakhan proposes to adopt her and help her to become the photographer she wants to be; his relationship to her will provide a certain cover for him. And she is an asset. The deal is struck...1956: Ivy has seen every conflict the postwar world has on offer, from Vietnam to East Berlin, and has published her photographs in slick periodicals, but she is sick to death of death and bored with life and love. It’s time for a break. Ivy heads to Cuba, the Sierra Maestra. History, however, doesn’t take vacations.Ivory Pearl was Jean-Patrick Manchette’s last book, representing a new turn in his writing. It was to be the first of a series of ambitious historical thrillers about the “wrong times” we live in. Though left unfinished when Manchette died, the book, whose full plot has been filled in he...

  • ASIN: 168137210X

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