Pair Studio Condenser

Pair Studio Condenser

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  • Behringer C-2 Matched Pair Cardioid Condenser Microphones -INCLUDES- Blucoil Audio 10’ Balanced XLR Cable AND 5 Pack of Cable Ties (Studio Pair Condenser) BUY NOW

    Behringer C-2 Matched Pair Cardioid Condenser Microphones -INCLUDES- Blucoil Audio 10’ Balanced XLR Cable AND 5 Pack of Cable

    Behringer C-2 Matched Pair Cardioid Condenser MicrophonesThe Behringer C-2 is a small-diaphragm matched pair condenser mics that are highly compatible for stereo recordings. You can use both microphone or individually, each mic is phantom powered (+48 volts). The C-2 has cardioid pickup pattern which is most sensitive to sounds coming from the front or sides of the microphone. The sounds coming from the back of the mic is attenuated, which makes it suitable for recordingvocals within a group or individual instruments.TECHNICAL SPECS:Transducer Type: Condenser, 16mmOperating Principle: Pressure GradientPolar Pattern: CardioidConnector: Gold-plated balanced XLR connectorOpen Circuit Sensitivity (@ 1kHz): -41dBV (0dBV = 1V/Pa)Frequency Response: 20Hz to 20kHzLevel Attenuation: 10dB, switchableLow-cut Filter: 6dB/oct. @ 120Hz (switchable)Max. SPL (=1% THD @ 1kHz): 140dB (0dB), 150dB (-10dB)Equivalent Noise Level (IEC 651): 19dBASignal-to-noise Ratio: 75dBNominal Impedance: 75OhmLoad Impedance: Greater than 1kOhmSupply voltage, current: +48V, 3mADimensions: ø Shaft: 0.8" | Length: 3.7"Weight: 0.09 kg / 0.2 lbsAlso Comes WithBlucoil Audio 10 Feet Balanced XLR CableThe Blucoil Audio 10' Balanced XLR Cable features 24AWG wire cable gauge and 98% braided shield for EMI and RFI noise isol...

  • Brand: blucoil
  • ASIN: B078T4S354
  • UPC: 652827497404
  • LyxPro SDPC-2 Stereo Pair of Pencil Condenser Stick Microphones – Interchangeable Omni, Cardioid & Super Cardioid Capsules Included (Condenser Pair Studio) BUY NOW

    LyxPro SDPC-2 Stereo Pair of Pencil Condenser Stick Microphones – Interchangeable Omni, Cardioid & Super Cardioid Capsules

    All the microphone you need - in one package. LyxPro is proud to present the new SDPC2, a highly innovative pair of pro-grade pencil condenser microphones. Among these microphones' many premium features, one is really worth singing about: 3 interchangeable capsules are included with your purchase, which enable you to rapidly switch between pickup patterns - without the need to unmount anything. You can go from Omni to cardioid to super cardioid patterns with a simple, one-handed adjustment, which is a godsend in both the studio and live situations. Awesome for Acoustics This stereo pair is designed for pro-grade users that take their acoustic instruments seriously. Record your acoustic guitar or grand piano in spectacular stereo, and even dare to slap these handy pencil microphones in front of your guitar amp. Wondrous for Woodwinds Woodwind and brass instruments fare equally well - exceptionally, that is - with these premium microphones. They can handle anything you throw at them, from capturing every nuance in the studio to bringing sparkle to a live orchestra. Packs Patterns Aplenty With 3 pairs of interchangeable capsules, there's no limit to your recording ability. The Omni, cardioid and super cardioid capsules screw on easily, taking you from a two-microphone kit to six ...

  • Brand: LyxPro
  • ASIN: B012OHZJ8O
  • UPC: 840102110814
  • Rode M5 Compact 1/2 BUY NOW

    Rode M5 Compact 1/2" Condenser Microphone (Matched

    Ideal for studio recording and live on stage, the Rode M5-MP Matched Pair Cardioid Condenser Microphones is equally at home on a range of acoustic instruments, choirs, or anywhere you would employ a small diaphragm condenser microphone, either individually or as a stereo array. Designed and made in Australia, the M5 is a compact 1/2" cardioid condenser microphone with low noise and a full frequency response. A result of many years’ experience building the award-winning NT5 microphone, RODE has succeeded in making a high-quality ‘pencil’ style permanently polarized condenser that will impress even the most demanding of artists and engineers. This matched pair has been carefully selected to ensure a variation of no more than 1dB sensitivity between the microphones. A premium foiled certificate is supplied to verify the authenticity of the pair. The M5 is finished with RODE’s proprietary ceramic coating which offers a sleek matt black finish, and is supplied with WS5 windshields and RM5 stand mounts.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Rode
  • UPC: 989898858439
  • Samson C02 Pencil Condenser Microphones (Condenser Pair Studio) BUY NOW

    Samson C02 Pencil Condenser

    Ultra sensitive, low mass element picks up all of the nuances of any performance Samson C02 Condenser Microphones offer high-quality audio performance in an affordable package. Sold as a pair, the C02 microphones are ideal in applications requiring multiple mic placements, including percussion instruments such as cymbals and overheads as well as string instruments like guitar and violin. Using multiple mics help ensure accurately captured audio with increased detail for your recordings. The C02 features a low-mass capsule with a cardioid polar pattern. A cardioid pattern captures a narrow pick up area right in front of the microphone, with a result that minimizes ambient room noise and signal from nearby instruments and monitors that may cause feedback. A wide, linear frequency response results in rich detail while minimizing low frequency noise. The Samson C02 Condenser Microphone is a great solution for both live sound and studio recording applications. Rugged brass case ensures reliable performance in even the most demanding environments. View larger Includes Carrying Case The C02 package comes with a convenient carrying case as well as a set of shock-mounted mic clips, making it easy to transport and set up your condenser mics. About Samson Samson Technologies began ...

  • Color: Silver
  • Brand: Samson Technologies
  • ASIN: B0002D0KBE
  • UPC: 809164003403
  • BEHRINGER C-2 (Studio Condenser Pair) BUY NOW


    BEHRINGER STUDIO CONDENSER MICROPHONES C-2 2 Matched Studio Condenser Microphones 2 matched condenser microphones for stereo studio recording and live applications Ideal as main and support microphones for studio and live applications Cardioid pickup pattern for effective feedback elimination Low-mass diaphragm for ultra-wide frequency response and ultimate sound reproduction Switchable low-frequency roll-off and input attenuation Ultra low-noise transformerless FET input eliminates low-frequency distortion Ultra-rugged construction with metal die-cast body Gold-plated 3-pin XLR connector for highest signal integrity Our C-2 microphones are built to capture the performance of a choir, piano or any other vocal or acoustic sound source to provide a beautiful true-to-life sound. Sold in perfectly matched pairs, these condenser mics are outstanding in both live and studio applications. What is a Condenser Microphone? A condenser mic is the ideal choice for capturing vocals or acoustic instruments, either in live or recording settings. By their very nature, condenser microphones are much more sensitive than dynamic microphones, enabling them to pick-up even the subtlest of signals. Thanks to their cardioid (heart-shaped) pattern, C-2 microphones pick up your source signal while rej...

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Behringer
  • ASIN: B000CZ0RLU
  • UPC: 411378072979
  • AKG Perception 170 Professional Instrumental Microphone (Studio Pair Condenser) BUY NOW

    AKG Perception 170 Professional Instrumental

    Every studio needs a small-diaphragm condenser (and preferably two). But not every studio has big bucks to blow. That's why those studios get smart and look at affordable options that sound good enough to handle big-time sessions, but come in at a price well under what you'd expect. And you're smart. That's why you've navigated your way over to the P170 from legendary mic-maker AKG. It's your standard end-address small-diaphragm condenser with a cardioid pickup pattern, perfect for pairing up with another P170 for any stereo-miking application you come across. Factor in the switchable 20dB attenuation pad, and you've got a steal with the P170. Get it.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: AKG
  • ASIN: B00M9CUL60
  • UPC: 885038037040
  • CAD Audio C9S Cardioid Condenser (Pair) (Condenser Studio Pair) BUY NOW

    CAD Audio C9S Cardioid Condenser

    Excellent value for these pair of light weight, flyable mics for home/studio recording & live performances.C9 Cardioid Condenser Microphone Designed for drum overheads, high hat, ride cymbal and stringed instruments, the C9 cardioid condenser microphone captures the subtle nuance of acoustic instruments and the presence and attack of cymbals. Available in Stage Series Drum Packs or separately (C9S pair).

  • Brand: CAD Audio
  • ASIN: B006YTZMZ4
  • UPC: 631922105834
  • Saramonic SR-M500 Matched Pair of Compact Cardioid Studio Condenser Microphones with Windshields, Mic Clips, and Spacing Bar Mounting Bracket for Vocal and Instrument Recording (Pair Condenser Studio) BUY NOW

    Saramonic SR-M500 Matched Pair of Compact Cardioid Studio Condenser Microphones with Windshields, Mic Clips, and Spacing Bar Mounting Bracket for Vocal and Instrument

    The Saramonic SR-M500 is a pair of small diaphragm condenser microphones with ultra-low noise and full frequency response. The SR-M500 is designed for capturing high-quality audio. The SR-M500 features 14mm capsules with gold-plated membranes and a cardioid polar pattern making them ideal for studio or live-stage uses such as drum overheads, stereo capture, acoustic instruments, vocal performances and more. This bundle includes Matched Mic Capsules, Foam Windscreens, Mic Clips, Spacing Bar Bracket with Cold Shoe, 1/4", 3/8", & 5/8" Mounting Options. Microphone Specifications: • Type: Condenser Microphone • Polar Pattern: Cardioid • Frequency Response: 22Hz ~ 18kHz • Capsule Size: 14mm • Output Impedance: 200 ohm • Maximum SPL: 135 dBU • Signal to Noise Ratio: 75 dB • Power Requirements: 24V or 48V Phantom Power • Output Connector 3-pin XLR • Dimensions: 3.9 x 0.8 x 0.8" (10 x 2 x 2cm) (25g) • Weight: 1.4 oz (39g)

  • Brand: Saramonic
  • ASIN: B078HJD5TT
  • MXL MXLCR21PAIR Instrument Microphones, Small Diaphragm (Pair Condenser Studio) BUY NOW

    MXL MXLCR21PAIR Instrument Microphones, Small

    The state-of-the-art MXL CR21 Pair of microphones record in vivid detail. Suited for drum overheads, acoustic instruments, and pianos; the pencil condensers are also a powerful option in tight situations. The CR21 mics sound clean, articulate, and full. With a fast transient response, the mics accurately pick up every scintillating detail of the performance. The black and black chrome design lends character while staying unobtrusive Key Features: Transformer less preamp for low noise and distortion Small-diaphragm capsule that captures extra detail Fast transient response for extra accuracy Features: Type: Condenser Pressure Gradient Mic Current Consumption:

  • Brand: MXL
  • UPC: 658700916017

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