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  • Innocent Eyes (A Cane Novel Book 1) (Eyes Innocent) BUY NOW

    Innocent Eyes (A Cane Novel Book

    "If he's gross, I'm bailing." That's what I said to my supposed best friend when she asked me to take her place. A blind date, she said. What harm could it do? He was charming. Beautiful. God's finest creation. He wined me and dined me. Made me do things I'd never before dreamt of in the bedroom. It was perfect. Dangerous. Arousing. But Jenny didn’t tell me the full story. She didn’t tell me about the debt she owed. And now Quinn Cane wants his money's worth, and he’s going to make me pay whatever way he can. “A debt needs to be paid.”The woman who came to meet me didn’t owe me money. I could tell by her innocent eyes. Still, the debt will be paid either way.She was something to play with and use as I saw fit, but something about Emily Brooks made me want to keep her. So she became my dirty girl. Pure. Innocent. Mine.Then she whispered my damned name and invaded my world, changing its reasoning.She wasn’t meant to break the rules. But she rolled my dice and won. Shame. Forgiveness. Dark. Erotic. Romance. This book is intended for mature audiences. 18+ only.

  • Innocent Eyes (Innocent Eyes) BUY NOW

    Innocent Eyes

    Songs are See You in Prague, Keep Away from Me, Innocent Eyes, Chppin' Away, Over he Wall, Don't Listen to the Rumors, Sad Eyes, Newday, Glass and Steel and I Got a Rock.

  • ASIN: B00023DI5Y
  • UPC: 075678163326
  • The Innocent Eye (Innocent Eyes) BUY NOW

    The Innocent Eye

    "When I was the age of these children I could draw like Raphael. It took me many years to learn how to draw like these children."--Pablo Picasso, upon viewing an exhibition of children's drawings, as quoted by Sir Herbert Read in 1945The idea that modern art looks like something a child can do is a long-standing cliché. For some modernists, however, the connection between their work and children's art was direct and explicit. This groundbreaking and heretical book, centered on such modern masters as Klee, Kandinsky, Picasso, and Miró, presents for the first time material from the collections of child art that these artists actually possessed as they undertook some of the greatest masterworks of their careers. As the first art historian to pursue this connection in detail, Jonathan Fineberg here explores the importance of children's art to the work of key modernists from Matisse to Jackson Pollock. Fineberg's inquiry unfolds in this handsome book, which juxtaposes modern masterpieces with the drawings by children that directly influenced them. Fineberg discusses the effect of primitivism and Freudian thought on some of these artists, and demonstrates how they valued children's art for many reasons, including its naive spontaneity and celebration of the moment, imaginative use of...

  • ASIN: 0691016844
  • Eyes of the Innocent: A Mystery (The Carter Ross Mystery Series Book 2) (Eyes Innocent) BUY NOW

    Eyes of the Innocent: A Mystery (The Carter Ross Mystery Series Book

  • ASIN: B004478228
  • The Innocent Eye: Why Vision Is Not a Cognitive Process (Philosophy of Mind) (Eyes Innocent) BUY NOW

    The Innocent Eye: Why Vision Is Not a Cognitive Process (Philosophy of

    Why does the world look to us as it does? Generally speaking, this question has received two types of answers in the cognitive sciences in the past fifty or so years. According to the first, the world looks to us the way it does because we construct it to look as it does. According to the second, the world looks as it does primarily because of how the world is. In The Innocent Eye, Nico Orlandi defends a position that aligns with this second, world-centered tradition, but that also respects some of the insights of constructivism. Orlandi develops an embedded understanding of visual processing according to which, while visual percepts are representational states, the states and structures that precede the production of percepts are not representations.If we study the environmental contingencies in which vision occurs, and we properly distinguish functional states and features of the visual apparatus from representational states and features, we obtain an empirically more plausible, world-centered account. Orlandi shows that this account accords well with models of vision in perceptual psychology -- such as Natural Scene Statistics and Bayesian approaches to perception -- and outlines some of the ways in which it differs from recent 'enactive' approaches to vision. The main differe...

  • ASIN: 0199375038
  • The Innocent Eye. (Eyes Innocent) BUY NOW

    The Innocent Eye.


  • ASIN: B000J0K40C
  • Kawaii Cat with adorable and innocent eyes T-Shirt (Innocent Eyes) BUY NOW

    Kawaii Cat with adorable and innocent eyes

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Kawaii clothes for anime and animals lovers teez
  • Innocent Eye: A Passionate Look at Contemporary Art (Tupelo Arts) (Innocent Eyes) BUY NOW

    Innocent Eye: A Passionate Look at Contemporary Art (Tupelo

    Award-winning journalist, artist, and educator Patricia Rosoff offers a first-hand tour of the sometimes shocking, often challenging ideas and approaches that continue to fuel the art of today. Rosoff describes the sources of contemporary painting, sculpture, photography, and mixed media in the works of such radicals as Monet, Kandinsky, and Joseph Cornell, who are now part of the tradition but who keep on catalyzing experimental innovators such as Ellen Carey, Spencer Finch, Janine Antoni, and Inigo Manglano-Ovale.With close (and sympathetic) consideration of conceptualists, including works by Sol LeWitt and Mierle Ukeles, and with special excitement about the inexhaustible potential in abstract art, Pat Rosoff is the gallery or museum guide you've always wished to have along.

  • Brand: Brand: Tupelo Press
  • ASIN: 193679716X
  • Picking Cotton: Our Memoir of Injustice and Redemption (Eyes Innocent) BUY NOW

    Picking Cotton: Our Memoir of Injustice and

  • ASIN: B001VLXNN8

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