10' Sashimi Knife

10' Sashimi Knife

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  • Messermeister MU Bamboo 10`` Sashimi Knife by Suncraft ;supply_by_tddomicile (Knife Sashimi 10') BUY NOW

    Messermeister MU Bamboo 10`` Sashimi Knife by Suncraft

    Messermeister MU Bamboo 10`` Sashimi Knife by Suncraft ;supply_by_tddomicile

  • Brand: Ocimocylo
  • UPC: 751438074513
  • Narihira Yanagiba Sashimi Knife 270mm #FC-77 (Sashimi 10' Knife) BUY NOW

    Narihira Yanagiba Sashimi Knife 270mm

    Japanese Yanagiba sashimi knife for prepare Sashimi, Slice Raw Fish and Seafood * Molybdenum Rust-Resistant Steel Blade * Razor Sharp Edge * Blade Length: 8-3/16 in * Overall Length: 13-5/8 in * Wooden handle offers maximum comfort & control * Plastic Bolster * Easy to sharpen * Made in Japan by Narihira * How to Sharpen: * >Sharpening on a whetstone * >Dampen whetstone. * >Sharpen on whetstone on flat surfaces only * Usage & Care: * Wash Knife with dishwashing liquid before use. * always dry blade thoroughly after washing. * Do not use scrub brushes or abrasive cleansers * Types of Knives: * Santoku -- All purpose: For Vegetable, Fish, Meat * Nakiri -- Chopping: For Vegetable * Gyutou -- Multipurpose kitchen Knife. for Cutting vegetable, fish, or Meat * Deba -- Hard Foods: Fish bones, Meats * Sashimi -- Slicing: Slicing raw fish

  • ASIN: B001TPJ7JU

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